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Pay Attention!

by Pritesh Patel

  • Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021

  • Attention is a commodity nowadays just like oil. Businesses are competing for your attention, in an effort to monetise it and the businesses that obtain the most attention win.

    This is why even though McDonalds and Coca Cola are known worldwide, they still pour billions of dollars every year into advertising campaigns. How much do you think you pay in attention to other businesses and how much attention do you actually receive? Attention funneled correctly turns into cash for your business.

    You can obtain attention yourself through organic posting on social media or you can pay for it through paid ads to bring attention to your business. Normally when a new platform is built the platform will reward users by showing their post to as many people as possible compared to when the platform has grown a substantial user base in order to grow the new platform. As we all know Facebook now has a substantial user base with over 2.7 billion monthly active users using Facebook and over 3.14 billion people using one of Facebook’s products which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. 

    Although other platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok are growing rapidly at the moment, Facebook is still the platform where you're most likely to be able to reach your ideal customers. In addition to this Facebook also has the most data which provides incredible opportunities for finding your ideal customers. 

    The average user in 2020 spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every single day! Whilst posting and trying to grow your business organically is free, there is a time cost involved and that coupled with the fact that only 2% of your audience will even see your post on Facebook means that it takes much longer to get the results you would get from paid advertising. Although there was a time when organic posting was much more worthwhile, unfortunately that time has passed for Facebook.


    Nowadays, Facebook paid advertising is the way to go for most businesses looking to create brand awareness, build trust with prospects and scale massively and quickly! Not only can you show your advert to someone for less than 1p, which means you can show your advert to 1,000 people for only £10 but you can also decide who will see your advert. Just a few things you can target by include, age, gender, postcodes and interests. 

    When you can reach your ideal customer at such a low cost it’s really a no brainer. Moreover ad costs are lower right now than they were this time last year for the first time ever which provides a great opportunity for businesses looking to grow right now.

    If you’re a business owner and you’re not using Facebook ads for your business, why not?!


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